If you don’t market yourself as a copywriter, you won’t get many clients and without clients, you aren’t in business! So we’re tackling the essential ways to market your copywriting business to make sure you stay in business.

This is a big topic so we’ve broken it into two episodes. Our very first two parter!

Tune in to part one to learn about:

  • Our favourite parts of marketing ourselves and our writing
  • The importance of branding and how to make yours work hard
  • Our best branding tips
  • Social media marketing
  • Our experiences and best tips
  • Networking (on and offline)
  • Our favourite networking events and our tips to rock it!

In part two of this episode we’ll cover:

  • Running events as an authority
  • Content marketing to develop yourself as an authority
  • Email marketing

So there’s more good stuff coming!

Listen to the podcast below:

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