A copywriting podcast, for copywriters

The Hot Copy podcast is a collaboration between two (lightly) seasoned copywriters, Belinda Weaver and Kate Toon based in Australia. (Although Kate is originally from the UK, if you can’t tell by her accent.)

This podcast is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about copywriting, the writing bits and the running a business bits.In each  episode we share the secrets of successful copywriters including:
  • Easy to implement copywriting techniques, tips and tricks
  • Specific copywriting training for content marketing, emails, direct mail and advertising and more
  • The nuts and bolts of running a successful copywriting business
  • Practical advice on how to find customers and manage clients
  • Tools and resources we love to use
  • Interviews with other successful copywriters (yes, their secrets too!)

And a few laughs, snorts, and giggles along the way. All focused on helping you become a better copywriter.

So, whether you’re a new copywriter or you’re already a pro – the Hot Copy podcast is for you.
Happy listening!

Belinda and Kate
As any copywriter knows, exposure to new and/or differing perspectives can be a gold mine. Hearing the thoughts of copywriters outside the US is very enlightening.
Kurt Bouma


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