The surprising platform that delivers copywriting leads

How do you get copywriting clients?

It’s a question we get asked all the time. We even did an episode on it covering some of the most common lead gen tactics.

But there are some platforms and techniques that might surprise you. Like Instagram.

It’s a HUGE platform but many people dismiss it because it’s (gasp) images. And we deal with words

In this episode, Belinda talks to a copywriter who is nailing Instie and picks her brain on how we can too!


Tune in to learn:

  • How Ami shifted from craft to copywriting
  • Why she loves Instagram so much and her strategy for success
  • Why copywriters often struggle with Instie and her tips on nailing it
  • How often you should post and what type of content works best
  • The hidden power of stories to maximise your reach
  • How to make your posts more readable
  • Super tips to boost your bio


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Question for you!

Do you get leads from Instagram? Tell us about your strategy!

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About Ami

Ami is a writer of personality-driven copy, lover of a good laugh and slightly evil genius. She helps brands get clear on their personality so that they can show up consistently, stand out in a noisy marketplace and attract their dream customers.

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