Updates, lessons and exciting plans for 2020


Have you missed us? If you’re a regular listener to the Hot Copy podcast, you may have noticed that we’ve been AWOL for a few weeks.

In this episode, we explain what we’ve been up to, how it derailed our podding schedule and the lessons we’ve taken from the work we’ve been doing.

We’re also announcing a VERY exciting new project in 2020. If you’re a copywriter and you’d love to work with us more closely, tune in.


Tune in to learn:

  • What Kate and Belinda have been up to
  • What they’ve learned from sticky business moments
  • Why Belinda is so excited about the end of October
  • How to work with Kate and Belinda more closely in 2020. (Spoiler: Get on the Mastermind waitlist)


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Question for you!

Have you ever been on a retreat or been part of a Mastermind? What was your experience?

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