How to write someone else’s story.

Ghostwriting is pretty much what we do as copywriters. We write the words that others get to claim as their own. 

But have you ever been asked to write something more substantial than a blog, web copy or brochure? Have you ever been asked to write to someone else’s BOOK?

That’s the kind of ghostwriting we’re talking about today. Just in time for Halloween. BOOM!

Don’t judge. That joke had to be made.

Belinda chatted to expert ghostwriter Cindy Childress about her process, fabulous resources and what copywriters need to know in order to add ghostwriting to their portfolio of services.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Cindy went from a Ph.D. in English to a ghostwriter
  • Her favourite type of book to write
  • Her favourite books to read
  • How she approaches the task of writing someone else’s story
  • The challenges that led to the creation of her Write My Book BlueprintTM framework
  • How to package a ghostwriting service
  • Warning signs that your client isn’t ready for their book
  • Tips to get into writing books for others
  • Cindy’s best resources

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About Cindy

Dr. Cindy, The Expert’s Ghostwriter, is a ghostwriter and book editor for coaches and consultants that go on to achieve Amazon Bestseller status, book TEDx Talks, build coaching businesses, and create nonprofits.

She developed her Write My Book BlueprintTM framework to create reading experiences that encourage reviews and turn readers into lifelong fans of the author. Her best clients want to publish books that make an impact, and she’s committed to write and edit their books to look and feel like any other bestseller at a major bookstore.

Dr. Cindy holds a Ph.D. in English and teaches creative writing classes at Writespace Houston and is a foster mom with Citizens for Animal Protection in Houston, TX. She most recently fostered three underweight tortoise-shell kittens that are now awaiting their furrever homes.

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