Setting realistic expectations and ensure you know all the things

SEO is a topic we’ve often see discussed in copywriting Facebook groups and across the web.

And most copywriters either seem scared of it, confused by it or just overwhelmed by how to package it and sell it to clients.

The question most often asked? What does an SEO copywriter actually do?

And can you even call yourself an online writer if you don’t have mad SEO skills?

In today’s episode, we walk you through what we think SEO copywriting really means, how to do it, and how it can become a valuable arrow in your copywriting quiver.

Tune in to learn:

  • What is SEO copywriting
  • What SEO copywriting involves
  • Can you really be an SEO copywriter if you don’t understand the big picture?
  • Essential SEO know-how for copywriters
  • How to package your SEO copywriting service
  • The trick to making sure keyword research doesn’t steal all your time
  • Kate’s keyword research strategy
  • How to set client expectations of your SEO service
  • Some rough guidelines on times for SEO packages


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Question for you!

Do you think SEO copywriting is an essential skill? Do you feel confident about offering it?

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