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How many times have you Googled a symptom? Hands up. We all have. The need to make complex medical information accessible and readable has flourished with the advent of Google and the prevalence of internet access.


We do. Of course.

But as patients we’re more informed than ever and who writes the content we use to research the latest thoughts on medical science?

Medical copywriters!

Today we’re talking about medical copywriting — accurately representing clinical data in a way that is clear, concise, and engaging. And we’re got specialist Nerissa Bentley to shed some light on this for us.


Tune in to learn:

  • How Nerissa found her medical copywriting niche
  • How she built her client-base in beginning
  • Why understanding the rules and regulations is vital to medical copywriting
  • The role research and referencing plays in medical copywriting
  • The potential risks and hazards of medical copywriting
  • Authority v approachability – how to nail the patient voice, and have authority without clinical jargon.
  • Where Nerissa finds her clients now
  • Whether medical copywriting is more lucrative than other forms of copywriting
  • Whether writing medical copywriting takes longer
  • The peaks and the pitfalls of working with international clients
  • The quirkiest medical topic Nerissa’s ever written about
  • Nerissa’s number one tip for newbie medical copywriters


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Who is Nerissa Bentley? Nerissa Bentely Bio pic

Nerissa Bentley – The Melbourne Health Writer. Nerissa uses credible, up-to-date research to help national organisations and global corporations create high-quality health and medical content that connects with patients and the wider community.

She can also see ghosts! (Really).


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Thanks to Traceluke from Australia for this review of the show.

So much great information for us newbie copywriters! I love Kate and Belinda’s sense of humour and their ability to get the point across.


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