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Some industries have a very straight-forward process to buy. I have a problem. I research alternatives. I choose one. I give them some money and I get something in return.

All very simple.

Other industries have a much more complex process. Very big (and expensive) projects often begin with a tendering process. Writing tenders for civil engineering and construction industries might seem like a dry idea to some but that’s what our guest today specialising in… and it’s way more interesting than you think.


Tune in to learn:

  • How different tender writing is from other copywriting
  • What are the different types of tender documents and the most common ones
  • What goes into a tender and how long the average project takes
  • How to charge and manage a tender writing project
  • What the tender writing revision process looks like
  • Where Estelle finds her clients
  • The Do’s and don’ts of tender writing
  • Why Estelle chose this niche and how others an get started in it
  • What kind of copywriter tender writing suits
  • Estelle’s number one tender writing tip.

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About Estelle

Estelle is a tender and SEO Copywriter who’s been trying to find the Words That Fit for business for over 20 years. She cut her teeth on tenders and proposals for the recruitment sector before finding her absolute love working in the civil engineering and construction industry. These days she combines the two and has a lot of fun taking businesses through the tender process and beyond: from tender ready to web-ready to award ready.


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Oh and big hugs to GINA GODEEN from the USA for her lovely testimonial.

Kate and Belinda are always so fun to listen to (and not just because of their accents!). They have tons of great advice and are always willing to share their best copywriting tips. Great show.


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