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Did you notice we missed an episode?

You’ve probably got bigger things to worry about right now. Like the C-word. We’re talking about COVID19, of course.

The truth is, we’ve been a bit scrambled too.

Lockdown with memberships, communities, courses, launches AND managing the kid’s online learning.

It’s a bit bloody much. Belinda is surviving on wine and 80s music.

We wanted to talk about that and what we’re doing to stay sane. We also got some questions about writing copy during this time.

We don’t know how useful this will be but we’re talking about it anyway.

Tune in to learn:

We’re revealing our lives right now including:

  • How different lockdown is to school holidays
  • How we’re managing our workload, relationships, homeschooling and screen time.
  • Where our heads are at and how we’re managing our mindset
  • Our coping strategies as time goes on
  • Avoiding overdone content topics
  • Whether you should be giving stuff away for free right now
  • Guilty COVID pleasures


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Oh and big hugs to Mejsh87 from Australia for this lovely review.

“Am loving the podcast episodes and can’t wait to get through them all and implement the learnings! Just finished #62 and as always it was super practical and interesting with a touch of humour and lightheartedness. Thanks ladies and keep up the great work – it’s appreciated!!”





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