How to boost your authority by being a podcast guest

Being a guest on a podcast is a fantastic way to increase your reach and boost your visibility and skyrocket that authority. Right? You’re a really important person who knows what they’re talking about when you’re been on a pod.

But getting on a podcast is not quite as easy as just asking the podcast host.

Today’s guest is a podcast guesting specialist and we’re digging into how to get on podcasts but so much more.


Tune in to learn:

  • How Mai-Kee niched into podcasting pitching
  • How podcasts rank against other means to boost visibility and authority
  • How to get over your own fear of being a podcast guest
  • How to choose the best podcast to get on
  • The secret of a solid podcast pitch
  • Equipment needed if you don’t want to be rejected as a podcast
  • Other essentials you need in place
  • How to leverage the pods we’re on to get in front of our ideal clients
  • The power of intentional podcast guesting

It’s a long as Belinda got right into the chat but it’s worth it.


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About Mai-Kee

Mai-kee Tsang is a Podcast Guesting Mentor and Trainer who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs to expand their reach, share their message, and grow their businesses to make a bigger impact on the world.

She does this by training her clients and their teams to build a self-sustaining podcast guesting system in their biz – so they can land brand-aligned podcast interviews without having to outsource to an external agency.

This helps to position her clients as guest experts who focus on Value-Driven Visibility™, intentional relationship building, and creating a loyal audience.


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