Turning technical content into benefit-driven, highly converting copy


SaaS copy, is it a super sexy sassy form of copywriting?
It’s Software as a Service copy.
Well, you know big brands like Stripe, ConvertKit, Slack – yes, they need copywriting too.

And not just any copy.

When we write for SaaS companies we’re writing easy to understand words for potentially highly technical products.
We need to write copy that shows that this software, that you’ve never heard of, is absolutely essential for your life.

We’re digging deep into the world of SaaS today.


Tune in to learn:

  • How Kat got started in copywriting
  • When and why she decided to niche into SaaS copywriting
  • What kind of copy SaaS clients regularly ask for
  • How Kat found her first SaaS copywriting client
  • How Kat stays up to date with SaaS trends
  • Whether Kat’s clients tend to be one-off or ongoing work
  • Kat’s SaaS copywriting process
  • Key SaaS copywriting techniques


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“I’m not even a copywriter, just a marketer, and I can’t stop listening to this podcast! The hosts and guests are amazing and I learn volumes from each episode!


My three other podcasts are on hold until I listen to every episode of the Hot Copy podcast (including the ones on their website too)!


They say this podcast is for copywriters, but in my humble opinion, it’s also for entrepreneurs, marketers, and salespeople too because each episode is packed full of gems of information.


Thanks, ladies and to all the guests for this valuable podcast and copywriting gold. I absolutely love it!”


About Kat

Kat Ambrose is obsessed with stringing words together, especially for SaaS companies.

She’s written for companies like Stripe, Keeping, and GoLinks, just to name a few. After a few years of cutting her teeth in the agency world, she left to pursue her writing career and hasn’t looked back since.

When she’s not writing or keeping up with trends in the SaaS space, she’s out for a run, paging through a thriller, or trying to pet the nearest dog.

Fun fact: Kat and her middle brother are 364 days apart!


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