Taking your copy to the countryside


Have you ever felt cooped up in a corporate office, staring outside at the trees, wishing you could leave the hustle and bustle of city life behind?

Waking up mid-morning, taking a coffee onto the veranda, and staring out at wide-open pastures with birds chirping?

While it’s a nice daydream to have, many of us stick it out and stay put.

Others, like our guest today, put in the tough hours to make it a reality.

It’s not all lazy sleep-ins and fresh country air, but it IS freedom from the constraints of the city, and as far as copywriting goes – it’s a whole new demographic.

We’re excited to find out the difference location can make to your writing strategies from The Rural Copywriter herself!


Tune in to learn:

  • How Sarah Walkerden became The Rural Copywriter
  • Common misconceptions about country-living
  • City VS Country copy
  • The secrets of writing in a “down to earth style”
  • The challenges of working with rural businesses
  • How Sarah’s workday changed.


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Oh and big hugs to Kate Crocker for her lovely testimonial.

I love the Hot Copy Podcast. It’s engaging, funny, and informative. It covers a huge range of copywriting topics, always with practical tips.


Belinda and Kate also interview some legends of the biz and obviously enjoy themselves.


This podcast is a must for any copywriter.”


About Sarah


The Rural Copywriter helps rural and regionally based businesses (including the agricultural and equestrian industries, boost their Google rankings and win over scores of adoring customers, through effective digital marketing messaging and strategy.

Specialising in writing SEO-friendly website copy and sales funnel copywriting, Sarah also helps businesses to develop effective content marketing strategies for blogs and social media.

Fun fact: Sarah also loves the smell of leather and horse sweat!


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