In today’s episode, we’re excited to share our chat with Sean D’Souza. You may know Sean from his business Psychotactics and or his podcast, the Three Month Vacation.

His specialty is understanding how customers think and our interview focused on storytelling. More specifically, how us copywriters can use stories to boost the effectiveness of our copywriting.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Sean went from cartoonist to author
  • Essential elements of a good story
  • How copywriters can integrate storytelling into everyday copywriting projects
  • Types of stories to be avoided
  • What signature stories are and why you should use them

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Listen to the podcast below:


Who is Sean D’Souza?

You may know Sean by his business Psychotactics, which he started way back in 2002 or his postcast, the Three Month Vacation. Sean has also been a copywriter in several agencies, including Leo Burnett, which is one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. He’s also been a cartoonist, graphic design, website design and marketer, author, speaker.

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