The challenges and successes of my copywriting career.

We thought you’d love to hear from a regular copywriter, not some high flying superstar with a book and a mastermind course, but rather a working copywriter, who’s going through exactly what you’re going through right now.

Kylie Saunder is a Melbourne based copywriter who, according to her website, provides top quality affordable copy to small and medium businesses.

Kylie has been a student both of Kate’s Recipe for SEO Success course and Belinda’s Copywriting Masterclass, she’s also a member of the Clever Copywriting community.

We’re going to be chatting about how she got started, the challenges, where she finds work, how she juggles projects and so much more.  

Tune in to learn:

  • How Kylie started her copywriting career
  • How she tackled the first 6 months
  • The three biggest challenges she’s faced so far
  • What she thought of Kate and Belinda’s eCourses (eep!)
  • How Kylie deals with motivation and isolation
  • Tips for newbie copywriter


Question for listeners!

When it comes to copywriting you an early bird, a midday magpie or a night owl? Please let us know in the comments below.

Listen to the podcast below:


Who is Kylie Saunder?

Kylie lives in Melbourne and has been a freelance SEO copywriter 8 years.

Graduating from Uni with a Bachelor of Arts in the early 1990’s, she worked in local government, before jumping into corporate life in marketing and HR roles for companies like Motorola and Amcor.

After an in-house careers development session, Kylie decided a life under fluorescent lights, in a cubicle was just something she fell into. It was time to get her act together and do something else. A fitness fanatic for year, she studied fitness part-time and then made the big leap out of the corporate world to working for herself. After a few years of teaching group exercise classes in gyms all around Melbourne while training PT clients, a back injury led her to discover Pilates. After one session, she was hooked and a few months later started an 18 month Pilates certificate. From owning 2 Pilates studios in Melbourne to working from home as a freelance copywriter.

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