Expert tips on becoming a master content marketer.

When do you start introducing yourself as a writer? When you’ve written some copy? When you’re regularly creating content that is shared around the world? When you’ve written a book on content marketing. Or two? 

Our guest today has done all those things yet she still refers to herself as an amateur writer! In our interview, she shares her journey from graphic designer to author as well as some essential nuggets from her book on content marketing.

Tune in to learn:

  • Pamela’s journey from graphic design to author
  • How to beat imposter syndrome (from someone who has)
  • Why and how many businesses are failing at content marketing
  • Pamela’s four day strategy for creating and publishing exceptional content
  • The headline writing process for her book title
  • Why you need to be blogging
  • How often you should promote your content

Listen to the podcast below:

About Pamela

Pamela Wilson is an award-winning graphic designer and marketer. Through her business Big Brand System, she has helped companies of all sizes create profitable, unforgettable online businesses. She was Executive Vice President of Educational Content for Copyblogger and Rainmaker Digital. She’s a keynote speaker, and now she adds author to that list, with a new book on content marketing.

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