And the episode where we can’t stop laughing

We’ve been recording these podcasts for nearly 2 years now. It may be longer. Our memory isn’t what it was. And we’re still not consummate professionals, by any means.

In this episode, we get the giggles – a LOT. If two copywriters laughing is not your thing, feel free to skip this episode. But just be warned if you do, you’ll also miss out on some really good answers to really good questions.

Tune in to learn:

  • How to move a client from piecemeal work to a retainer arrangement
  • If you need a VA for your writing business, and if so, what sort of things should you get them to do?
  • How to deal with cross-cultural copywriting
  • “I forgot to track changes.” Discuss.
  • Insurances: what we have, what we recommend for copywriters and our opinions on providers
  • If it’s a good idea to get the final approver of your copy involved on each stage of a job
  • When to send the brief template to the client, before or after your quote.
  • The best way to deliver revisions to a client

Listen to the podcast below:

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