How to get started in this popular niche

We know that many copywriters love the idea of writing copy for charities and Not For Profits, it’s a way of using our copywriting superpowers for good.

But what are the challenges of working with charities?
Should you charge less?

What are the differences between writing copy for charities and regular clients?

To find out, we’ve got experienced copywriter Andrea Rowe on the show!  

Tune in to learn:

  • The types of clients Belinda, Kate and Andrea have worked with
  • The differences between writing for charities and regular commercial copywriting
  • Should you charge a different rate?
  • Why charities love direct mail
  • Scriptwriting tips for charity videos
  • How to tug the heartstrings without being melodramatic
  • How to identify the value proposition
  • Tips for newbie charity copywriters
  • Resources to help you get started

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About Andrea

Andrea Rowe is a copywriter and campaign strategist helping not-for-profit organisations and social enterprises increase awareness, attract supporters and retain donors. She also helps coastal and government organisations create engaging words and identify tactical approaches for PR and fundraising campaigns, digital and website content and community report and grant writing.

Connect with Andrea:

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