Your questions. Our answers.

As copywriters with our very own podcast, we’re often asked questions. 

Questions about copywriting. Questions about being a copywriter. Questions about managing our businesses and our family life. Questions about our dogs.

So, every now and then we like to pull some out and answer them. 

That’s what today is all about. We’re answering YOUR questions in a special Hot Copy Q&A.

Thanks to Sheree Chambers, Maurizio F. Corte, Angela Rodgers, Di Clements, Lyndall Talbot, Liz Green.

Tune in to learn:

  • The questions web developers need to ask on behalf of copywriters on the same project
  • Whether bad writing is essential for good SEO
  • How much of our writing is a process (as opposed to instinct)
  • Getting over the fear of asking for money
  • A super quick rundown of our pre-writing process of research / info gathering
  • How to showcase your work when you’ve worked as a subcontractor
  • Our challenges and lessons!

Listen to the podcast below:

Question for the listeners:

Did you have any AHA moments from this pod? Let us know! We do love a good AHA.

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Hot Copy Q&A

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