How to write blog content that boosts your profile with software services

We’ve talked a little about finding your niche as a copywriter. Medical, government, health, finance.

Finding the right niche for your skills can help you earn more moolah as you become a go-to writer who gets the ins and outs of a particular industry.

Today, we’re digging into writing for SaaS – software as a service – and eCommerce companies. Our fellow copywriter, sharing her specialist knowledge on this, is Kaleigh Moore.

Tune in to learn:

  • How SaaS and eCommerce copywriting is different to other types of copywriting
  • The types of challenges SaaS companies need solving in their copy
  • How to get the crunchy details you need to write exceptional SaaS copy
  • How to get your head around the technical details of software products and services
  • How to persuade jargon-lovers to leave it out
  • The secret to making abstract benefits sound compelling
  • Tips on pitching for SaaS copywriting work

Listen to the podcast below:

Question for the listeners:

Have you considered writing for SaaS businesses? Would you now?

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About Kaleigh:

Kaleigh Moore is a copywriter whose speciality is writing value-packed blog content for SaaS and eCommerce companies. She lives in the Midwest and started freelance writing under her own name back in 2013.

Kaleigh has worked with growing start-ups and top-ten companies on the Fortune 500 as well as well as growing SaaS companies, including AT&T, Campaign Monitor, and GetFeedback. She writes a regular column for Inc. Magazine and has been featured in Entrepreneur, Copy Hackers, KissMetrics and Conversion XL.


Find Kaleigh:


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