How to make the most of the quiet times.

It’s nearly Christmas and that statement either makes you CHEER or BOO.

Christmas is a time when our clients usually shut up shop. We can start getting anxious as we don’t have work lined up… We can enjoy some much needed time off ourselves… Or we can use the time to work on our business.

In this special Christmas episode of the Hot Copy, we’re digging into how we survive Christmas AND answering some questions from you.

Tune in to learn:

  • What Kate and Belinda are doing for Christmas
  • How to beat the client famine of Christmas time
  • Some super tips to jump-start your January!
  • How to handle requests for social media copy
  • Why social posts and email campaigns need the same level of skill
  • Should you be creating social graphics for clients?
  • How to make social posting a profitable service
  • The secret to writing copy that sounds like a client
  • How to work with a client who won’t give you a good brief
  • Exactly how many revisions you should work through before sacking a client
  • The delicate balance between offering value-adds like keyword research and creating a profitable business
  • How to spot needy clients.

Listen to the podcast below:

Question for you

What are you up to this Christmas? Work, rest or play?

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