What do you wish you’d know when you started your copywriting career?

We went to a copywriting conference in New York City in March 2019. It was Brooklyn but let’s not let facts spoil the glamour.

It was TCC IRL (The Copywriter Club In Real Life) and while we had a BLAST hanging out together – you would be surprised how many years it’s been since we hung out in real life – we also took the chance to pick the brains of the speakers.

We asked as many speakers as we could grab in the breaks, “What is ONE THING you wish you’d know when you started your copywriting career.”

We didn’t tell anyone what the other tips were and every single person delivered something unique. And they are some stellar tips too.

This is your chance to grab a shortcut to the mindset and process tips these copywriters have gleaned over years and years of working the job.

Cool, huh?

Tune in to hear from:

  • Kevin Rogers (Copy Chief)
  • Kira Hug (The Copywriter Club)
  • Joanna Weibe (Copy Hackers)
  • Justin Blackman (Pretty Fly Copy)
  • Michal Eisikowitz (Michal Eisikowitz Copywriting)
  • Bond Halbert (Bond Halbert Publishing)
  • Chantelle Zak (Chanti Zak)
  • Lianna Patch (Punchline Conversion Copywriting)
  • Parris Lampropoulos
  • Prerna Malik (Content Bistro)
  • Abbey Woodcock (On Life and Writing)
  • Tarzan Kay Kalryzian (Tarzan Kay)

Thank you to all our guests for coming up with BRILLIANT answers on the spot.

Listen to the podcast below

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