Can you have a thriving business without sacrificing your family life?


Are you struggling to run your copywriting business around your family?

Do you worry about too much screen time… or (gasp) future therapy bills because you’re meeting deadlines rather than taking your kids to the park?

It’s easy to trowel guilt on ourselves when we see copywriters running 6 or 7 figure businesses. Or landing 5 figure projects.

What are we doing with our lives? Are we ruining our children trying to grow our copywriting businesses? Are we just THE WORST?

We’re going to stop you right there.

We are copywriters. We are parents. We are business owners.

This episode shares our thoughts on making it all work.

Stay tuned to feel a lot more awesome about your life as a copywriter.

Shout out to Alicia Littel for inspiring this episode!


Tune in to learn:

● How we lived and worked before children
● A rundown of our work days
● Where we beat ourselves up when it comes to parenting and business-ing
● Belinda’s experience with 5am starts
● Kate’s super tip on how you view the time you have with your kids
● Belinda’s controversial take on having it all
● Our tips on kicking guilt to the curb


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