Approaching, winning and keeping agency clients

As copywriters and business owners, we seek the warmth and security of financial consistency. Many of us believe if you can wriggle in with agency clients, we’ll have just that.

But what are agencies all about? Are they something you should consider working harder to build relationships with? Are there any downfalls for working with agencies? And how do you even your little toe in the door?

Kate Merryweather joins us today and will be answering each of these elusive questions.


Tune in to learn:

  • How to approach agencies
  • Ways to stay front of mind with agencies
  • How to stay visible in an agency
  • Management tools to boost your impact
  • How agency relationships work
  • How to charge for agency work
  • The pros of taking on agency clients
  • The cons for taking on agency clients
  • How to get agencies on retainer
  • The legalities of working with agencies


Listen to the podcast below


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About Kate

Kate Merryweather is a freelance website and SEO copywriter based in Melbourne. With six years of experience working with startups, leading brands and SMEs, Kate delivers succinct, readable SEO optimised writing for her clients. Before becoming a freelance copywriter Kate spent fifteen years working in PR and corporate communications for leading agencies in Melbourne and London. Her PR clients included Bunnings Warehouse, Emirates, Officeworks, Telstra, Mission Australia, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and many others. Kate is a member of The Clever Copywriting School and graduate of the Recipe for SEO Success Course.

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