The highs, the lows and the letting go’s.


The truth is most copywriters write solo, alone, with no one around but perhaps a farting dog, or keyboard obsessed cat.
We need silence and solitude to rouse the creative muse.

But can working with another creative brain be a good thing?

In agency life we’re often paired with designers (shudders) to work on concepts as a team, but how about being paired with another copywriter, and writing pages of copy TOGETHER!!

Dun Dun Der.
Is that even a thing?

In this episode, we chat about the challenges of writing together, the highs, the lows and some tips on how to make this a viable and enjoyable option for your business.


Tune in to learn:

We’ll be sharing our top 7 tips including.

  • Know your personality flaws
  • Match personality types
  • Divide and conquer
  • Stay open
  • Work out your process
  • Expect challenges
  • Enjoy the adventure


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