It’s time to get off the treadmill of late - night deadlines, low - paying jobs, and clients who make you want to wee on your keyboard

Do you fantasise about a steady flow of clients who are a joy to work with?

Are you sick of being busy but never hitting your income goals?

Are you tired of feeling like a small fish in a sea full of successful copywriters?


Then you need the Hot Copy Mastermind.

Our six-month intimate coaching program that will:

• Accelerate your business growth
• Build your brand
• Help you create the balance you crave.

Limited spots available

Monthly training

Personal advice


Exclusive retreat

Life as a freelance copywriter is pretty good.

Until it’s not.

You took charge of your career and started your own business. Give yourself a pat on the back.

But now you’re starting to realise that being a copywriter isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Or all you dreamed it would be.

Clients want the Ultimate service at Upwork prices, and send you texts at 5am on a Sunday morning to ask for “just one more change”.

Projects start small, but then go seriously Ben Hur with deadlines that mean late nights and work-filled weekends.

Friends and family forget your first name and complain that you’re always working.

And let’s not forget the agonising uncertainty of quoting. “Too much? Too little? What am I worth compared to those other copywriters who are clearly killing it?”


You start to wonder why you wanted this stupid copywriting life in the first place and find yourself searching recruitment ads late at night and lusting after a cushy day job that finishes at five.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

Imagine starting each day knowing exactly what you’ll do and how it will serve your business.

Imagine attracting your ideal clients and writing copy that makes you feel amazing at what you do.

Imagine polishing your processes to perfection so you never have to work a late night or weekend again.

Imagine having a regular income that grows each month.



Yes, it is. Introducing…

The Hot Copy Mastermind

We’ll help you lay beautiful foundations for your copywriting business.



A combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to sharpen your business and personal skills. Usually a bit rubbish.



Hot Copy Mast˙er˙mind

HOT COPEEEE /ˈmastərˌmīnd/

Awesome Noun

A six-month program that gives you the training, support and accountability you need to set and reach your goals as a copywriter, business owner and (woo woo alert) human being.


No more worrying about where the next client is coming from.

You’ll have a marketing system in place that floods your pipeline with clients you want to work with. And you’ll have the confidence to turn away clients who aren’t a good fit.

No more lowballing your quotes just to get the YES.

You’ll understand your value and be confident you can deliver. And your prices will reflect that confidence. Not just higher prices, but packages and products that will lead clients to your premium service without looking anywhere else.

No more frantic writing to meet crazy deadlines.

You’ll learn to manage multiple projects with confidence, and schedule the writing for when you can deliver your best work. And you’ll make every client feel like they’re your only client.

No more hiding in obscurity.

You’ll have the support and resources you need to carve out your own success path and make it real. And you will own it.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


“I had one goal: make money and never go back to working for the man.”

I was at a shitty sales training day when I found out copywriting was a thing I could do full time and that I could do it without being tethered to someone else’s business.

Kate’s story

Hey, I’m Kate Toon. And if we were playing Good Copy Bad Copy, Belinda would be the good one and I’d be in the kitchen eating donuts.

I’ve been writing for a living since people carried Sony Walkmans. I’ve worked at fat advertising agencies both here in Australia and back in the UK. Name a big brand and I’ve sat through three-hour pitch for them. I’ve worked above the line, through the line and often below the line. #LINE

I started my business Kate Toon Copywriter (original, eh?) back in 2009, when I got up the duff and realised I couldn’t stick the endless agency wankery.

I had one goal: make money and never go back to working for the man.

So I did just that. I put myself out there as a copywriter, and hustled like a hustler person. With a small wriggling human on my lap I cracked six figures in just over a year. I worked on brands big and small, conquered the Google world and ranked number one for copywriter in Australia (as well as a couple of hundred other terms).

Since then, I’ve founded memberships, build courses, sold thousands of templates and spoken about copywriting all over the world.

And I’ve done it all while working pretty much on my own school hours without the help of a fancy pants mentor.

While Belinda has studied and read all the books, I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-knickers writer. But when it comes to process and money, I’m anything but frivolous.

Together, we are the dream team. Like a rock in a sock, we’ll deliver the information you need in a powerful yet pleasantly fluffy way.

Belinda’s story

I’m Belinda. One half of the Hot Copy podcast.

I also started my business, Copywrite Matters, in 2009 while working full-time as a marketer. I loved marketing, but hated my job. So I started looking at my options.

I was at a shitty sales training day when I found out copywriting was a thing I could do full time and that I could do it without being tethered to someone else’s business.

I used all my marketing know-how to get my business started (over my sandwiches at lunch), and within six months my copywriting side-gig almost matched my monthly full-time salary. I bagged my employer as my first retainer client on the way out of the cube farm, and I’ve never looked back.

Since then, I’ve developed a business that has moved with me to the UK, back home to Australia, and to sunny California where I now live with my husband, my pug Fenris, and my two girls. (Yes, I did just list my dog first.)

I’m all about helping copywriters do good work and create businesses that enrich their lives rather than wearing them down.

Because having a business that earns big is great but it’s not the only metric of success.

I love that Kate and I have different approaches. While we agree on many aspects of becoming the copywriter you want to be, I think we prove you don’t have to walk the same path.

Let's dig into the details

This is a six-month program designed to focus on specific areas of your business and your mindset.

Monthly training

Q&A Sessions

Hot Seats


What you get

Over the six months you’ll learn about:


Positioning yourself to attract your ideal clients


Nailing your processes so running your business is easy


Pricing your services with unshakeable confidence


Developing your products to boost the lifetime value of your clients


Connecting with the right people to grow your business


Raising your copywriting profile to boost your brand.


We’ve developed our own system to turn you from ‘meh’ to ‘marvellous’.
We call it the Hot Copy Mastermind System.
(Seriously we need a better name right? Should we hire a copywriter?)

But the Hot Copy Mastermind isn’t just a coaching program
with general information on business development.

Each month you’ll get genuine advice from both of us on how to implement
what you’re learning so it works for you and your business.


You get two for the price of one with the Hot Copy Mastermind.

You’ll get unparalleled access to us both.

Sometimes we’ll agree.
Sometimes we won’t.

The good news is that while we each bring our own ideas, we’ll be focusing everything we have on YOU.

And we’re both incredibly hilarious human beings, so lucky you!


The Hot Copy Mastermind includes a sexily awesome three-day retreat in Byron Bay (July 2020).

Yep a copywriting holiday!
With us.


You’ll enjoy some time out from your business and your regular copywriting life to take stock of your progress and dive further into the mastermind.

We’ll see how you’re going with  goal setting, and overcoming the challenges that are stopping you making progress, and lifting the game on your personal branding.


You’ll have the chance to have your hair and makeup done for a professional photo or video shoot (Fancy).

We’ll also help you write a killer script for your promo video shoot.

Amazing, right?


This Mastermind is for copywriters who’ve been in business for a few years.
Copywriters with a relatively consistent pipeline of work but still:

Find their bank account depressingly short of serious money

Hate the constant friction between work and family life

Feel frazzled trying to do All The Things without seeing any big success

Want go further but aren’t quite sure where to or how to get there.


Yes, this Mastermind will challenge you.
But that entirely the point.

We’ll push you to think bigger, and give you both the training and the support to help you break out of your current way of working.

And discover a new zone of awesomeness.

Our Hot Seat sessions, Q&A calls and Facebook group will be safe spaces to bring not only specific challenges but also your head junk. You’ll get peer support and advice to overcome the obstacles in your way.

You’ll also get a healthy kick up the bum to help you actually implement what you’ve learned.


The Hot Copy Mastermind is for copywriters who want practical, doable ideas, advice, feedback and support.
Copywriters who are ready to think BIG and have the accountability to make progress.      

Some of you will learn how to grow your business.
Some of you will cement things you already know but have failed to implement.

All of you will transform your mindset and your business for bigger better things.

The Hot Copy Mastermind will help you figure out what your path is and then make it happen.

If you don’t have a business yet then out Mastermind is NOT for you.
But get your name on our waitlist, because you’ll be ready before you know it.



Although this Mastermind is about you, not us, we feel it’s important to toot our own trombones a little, so you know we mean business.


Okay, let’s just deal with the furry elephant in the room.

This is our first Mastermind program, and so we don’t actually have any testimonials from attendees. #AWKS

But coaching copywriters is what we do.
So here’s what some of our members and students have to say about us.

“Working with Kate has transformed my business.

With Kate’s help, I’ve transitioned from ‘just’ a part time gig while my kids were little to a real, proper grown up business. I always felt confident with the writing side of copywriting, but Kate has guided me on the vital importance of running my business… like a business.

I’ve refined my processes, tightened up my proposals, started setting proper goals and tracking them. Her finance tips have introduced me to ProfitFirst and she’s shown me ways to be more productive, more visible and more confident in my prices and packages. And that has boosted my confidence tenfold.
Plus she replies with kind words to my annoying DMs.”

Kate Merryweather

Dot Com Words

“I let my clients know my new rate and no one had a problem. Since then I’ve had a 372% increase in monthly revenue.

After experiencing some revenue issues and problem clients, I worked with Belinda 1:1. At the end, I had a map of the work I needed to do on my business (to source specific projects and improve cash flow) and a new minimum rate I needed to charge. 

Previously, I would have been afraid that boosting my rates would lose clients, but with the increased confidence from working with Belinda, I let my clients know my new rate and no one had a problem. Being able to explain how I work and the value I provide to clients, all that came from coaching with Belinda.

Zoe Heard

Get Heard

“Thanks to Kate’s guidance, I’ve more than doubled my income in a year

“There are few people who can ignite inspiration and get you to take action, like Kate Toon.

It’s ultimately what helped lift me from a career funk and ensured I was back on track to ensure my business could reach its full potential. Not only does she intuitively know what needs to be said, but best of all, it comes from a pure place.
Thanks to Kate’s guidance, I’ve more than doubled my income in a year, can now pick and choose clients to work with and have the confidence to own business self-worth. She’s been a north star to me and to many, and for that, I am so grateful.”

Donna Webeck

Prestige Property Copy

“After struggling to find THE writing coach for me, I discovered Belinda Weaver. She provides everything from expert courses to take my company to the next level to one-to-one coaching advice. 

Through Belinda’s instruction, I have reworked every page on my website. When potential clients check me out, now, my can-do attitude and empathy for their writing needs come through. Loud and clear.”

Kathie York

Kathie York Writing

“Kate has a mysterious way of seeing into your soul, recognising what’s holding you back and telling you what you need to hear to fix it.

Since starting on my freelance copywriting carrier, Kate’s insights and generous sharing of knowledge have helped give me the confidence to step outside my comfort zone and start becoming the copywriter I know I can be.

Not only that, she’s a great person who’s always up for a laugh and great fun to be around.”

Josh Rose

Josh Rose Copywriter

“I walk into meetings feeling so confident because Belinda reinforced that I was worth the money because of the work I was doing. 

Belinda is an absolute star as a mentor. She’s always ready with advice and support to carefully and kindly help me see the way forward. I come away with specific tasks, a framework to action them and the confidence to do it.” 

Liz Green

Whiz Bang Writing

“If I’m a good copywriter with a strong business today, it would be because of Kate.

Before I started following Kate’s work and learning from her, I admit I didn’t even know that what I’d been doing was called copywriting!

Kate has provided much needed clarity, direction in my business from her knowledge, generosity in sharing her experiences and knowing how to manage clients successfully.”

Rashida Tayabali


“I feel my skills refining and I learn something new every single time she gives advice.

I had been writing for about 5 years before learning from Belinda so I wasn’t totally new to copywriting. But having her as a mentor is what has made it all finally ‘click’ for me. 

Belinda has a unique way of giving perspective on copy so it encourages you to think differently about its purpose.“

Mirna Segal

Mirna Segal Copywriting

“I’m way further down my journey to becoming a copywriter boss thanks to Kate showing me the way. 

Shout out to Kate Toon. She’s my jam. She’s the badass of the SEO copywriting world. She really knows her stuff and not afraid to teach others every trick in the book. Highly recommended.”

Cal Chikwendu


“Since Belinda came into my life, my business and my confidence has flourished. 

The only way to grow in business is to have the right mentors. Belinda is ridiculously experienced and generous in sharing her knowledge. She’s also unnaturally patient and has the ability to clearly communicate with copywriters at all levels.”

Elizabeth Bond

Whirlybird Words

“Working with Kate and having her in my corner has seen my business and confidence grow at an exponential rate. 

Kate’s skills aren’t just how to write successful copy – although that’s next level. The real value has come from learning how to successfully manage client relationships at every stage; from effectively networking and marketing my business to strangers, to negotiating cold leads into signed contracts, to delivery and managing on-going retainer relationships.

Extremely generous with her time, knowledge and sense of humour, Kate can see your potential long before you do, and she’ll do all that she can to help you to reach it.“

Estelle Fallon

Words That Fit

“There was that desperation for work and fear of saying, ‘No’. Belinda gave me the confidence to say, ‘No’.

I never would have had the confidence to raise my rates by that much without Belinda’s help. It wasn’t an issue at all with my clients. That conversation opened up a whole new world to me.”

Eman Ismail

Ink House

“Kate has helped me to develop a bigger vision for my work, then increased my confidence and skills to help me get there.

I’ve really appreciated Kate’s skills, experience and vulnerability in sharing lessons from her own experience. Significant new opportunities have come my way because of Kate and I’ve been able to approach them with confidence rather than fear thanks to her wise and witty input.”

Beth Micklethwaite

Healthy Words

“Before I met Kate, I was cruising. Not really giving much thought to what I was doing.

With her guidance and encouragement I started to treat my ‘let’s just see if it works’ idea as a real business. And guess what. Business boomed.  Kate gave me the confidence to go all in. Thank you!”

Beck Cofrancesco

Marketing Goodness

Kate is more than training and templates.

As a member of Kate’s copywriting and digital marketing communities, I’ve gained practical copywriting, digital marketing and SEO skills.

 Her superpower is building strong, generous communities. She shares her wins and losses and provides support as both a mentor and a friend. Kate’s generosity is infectious and those in her communities support each other with advice, encouragement and jobs. 

Angela Pickett



Want to know the cost in your currency?



Am I ready for a Mastermind?

This is probably the first question you asked, right?

Is it too soon? 

Have I done enough?

Isn’t a Mastermind for super success people?

No. Yes. No

A Mastermind is for where you want to go, not where you are now.


Are you hungry to grow, experiment and challenge yourself? If your answer is “Yes” then even if you’re a little afraid you’re 100% ready for this opportunity.

How does the payment breakdown work?

We’ve broken the investment in the Mastermind (and yourself) into managable chunks.

Fast and furious – Four monthly payments
You pay payment 1 on acceptance into the Mastermind. $1874 +GST
Then a month later payment 2. $1874 +GST
A month later payment 3. $1874 +GST
Finally month 4. $1874 +GST

And you’re done! 

Slow and steady – Seven monthly payments
You pay payment 1 on acceptance into the Mastermind. $1143 +GST
Then a month later payment 2. $1143 +GST
A month after that payment  3. $1143 +GST
Then payment 4. $1143 +GST
Then payment 5. $1143 +GST
Then payment 6. $1143 +GST
Finally month 7. $1143 +GST

What kind of topics will be covered?

Over the course of the six months we’ll deep dive into:

  • Pitching and positioning
  • Process and systems
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Building your profile and your products
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people to get you there.

Each month you’ll be invited to:

  •     A training session
  •     A Q&A session
  •     A Hot Seat


We’ll give you both tactical information and inspiration. And we’ll talk about the critical mindset shifts you need to make it happen.


Plus you’ll get advice and peer support in the private Facebook group where we’ll be hanging out way too much.

How long will I have access to the material?

The program goes for six months and you’ll have six months access to the full archive of recordings, replays and resources.

Do I need to be in Australia to attend?

Not at all. We both have courses and groups that cater to international audiences, so we’ll be scheduling calls that suit a range of time zones.

And if you can’t attend live, you’ll be able to get the replays soon after the sessions. You’ll also be able to ask questions and get advice in the private Facebook group, so you’ll never miss the chance to get tailored advice from Belinda and Kate and peer support from your fellow Masterminders.

When is the retreat in Byron Bay?

We haven’t confirmed yet but it’s likely to be the first week in July.

What if I can’t come to the retreat in Byron Bay?

While we’re VERY excited about the retreat, it’s not the best part. Out of our six-month program designed to help you make tremendous progress, the retreat is only three days. 


We’re also trying to figure out how to stream (or at least record) some of the sessions so you can play along with us at home. You can even wear your swimmers while you work if you like.


All that said, a trip like this is a legit business expense and tax deductible.

Just saying.

What if I’m already a member of Kate’s Clever Copywriting School or Belinda’s Confident Copywriting?

Well, clearly you’re already a bit of a legend. And smart to boot.

This Mastermind is the next step. It puts you at the table with Kate and Belinda where they can answer your questions and deliver tailored advice.
The Mastermind will be a lot more structured, so you have a clear path. But it won’t deliver the templates that Kate and Belinda make available in their separate memberships.

How do I join?

There will be an application process. If you want in, click the apply button and fill out the form. Kate or Belinda will then get in touch to schedule a chat.

If you’re a good fit for us and we’re a good fit for you, we’ll send you an invoice for 20% of the total investment. Once that’s paid, your spot is secure.

The remaining 80% can be paid in three payments (over three months) or in six payments (over 6 months). The six-month option costs a bit more, but we know how helpful a longer payment plan can be when it comes to an investment like this.

What guarantees do you offer?

We know that investing in this kind of program is SUPER exciting. We also know that once all the blood and adrenalin stops pumping, your internal voice will make the decision a little less clear cut.

What if I change my mind after the 7-day period, or something comes up and I can’t do it anymore?

Your deposit isn’t refundable once the cooling off period has finished.

How much time will I need?

Great question. But the truth is that if you want something to change you have to commit yourself to making that happen.

We’ve designed the program knowing you’ll be making time around your deadlines and probably your family. We won’t overload you, but you will need to make time for this if you want to suck the marrow out of the experience.

We estimate you’ll need:

  • 60-90 minutes to attend our group calls in three weeks of each month.
  • 3-4 hours a month to implement what you’re learning.
  • 1-2 hours a week for community interaction.

    We’re crap at maths, but we reckon that averages out to be about 2-3 hours a week.  

    Can you free up 2-3 hours a week to accelerate your business?

What kind of tech do I need?

We’ll be using Zoom for all our calls, and the recordings will live on the members-only section of the Hot Copy website.
So all you really need is a browser, decent internet connection, a mic and a webcam.

What guarantees do you offer?

We know that investing in this kind of program is SUPER exciting. We also know that once all the blood and adrenalin stops pumping, your internal voice will make the decision a little less clear cut.

Once you pay your deposit, you’ll have a 7-day cooling off period to make sure you want to proceed. During that period you’ll be able to get a full refund with no hard feelings


We’re making this an application process.
Because we want to make sure it’s right for you.

We appreciate this is a fat wodge of money to invest in yourself and your business so we need to be 100% sure you’ve got the headspace, the time and the motivation to see it through.

  1. JOIN 
  2. APPLY
  3. CHAT

The Mastermind will be limited to just eight people.

During the application process, we’ll figure out if we’re a good fit for you and you’re a good fit for the mastermind.

And we’ll be selecting the right people to make sure it has a strong dynamic and that everyone feels comfy.



Want to know the cost in your currency?



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