Even the most experienced copywriters can suffer from confidence wobbles. Those moments you begin to question your writing abilities or your business skills… or both! In this podcast, we chat through some confidence blurts copywriters have kindly shared with us and add our own experiences and tips on overcoming them!

Tune to hear us chat about confidence blurts like:

  • Comparing yourself (and your writing) to others
  • Answering the phone
  • Communicating off the page (verbally)
  • Meeting clients to discuss projects
  • Preparing quotes and getting clients through the sales process
  • Getting negative feedback
  • Questioning your writing skills
  • Keeping the pipeline consistently full
  • Waiting for clients to get back to you
  • Lack of experience

Listen to the podcast below

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Thanks to Jenny De Lacy, Lisa Cropman, Jodi Gibson, Rashida Tayabali, Anne Maybus, Nicole Leedham, Matt Fenwick, Katherine Elizabeth, Rose Spagnolo for sharing their wobbles in Kate’s Clever Copywriting School.


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