In this episode we chat to Amy Harrison, a well-known UK copywriter. Amy is also a copywriting coach and keynote speaker at marketing events around the world. You might have seen her guest post on sites like Copyblogger, DuctTape Marketing and Problogger. Or watched her YouTube channel.

The lady gets about and we picked her brain about copywriting, content and story-telling in modern marketing.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Amy made the leap from screen writer to copywriter
  • The benefit of saying YES and when to stop
  • How Amy decides the next step in her career
  • How long it takes to nail your ideal client
  • Tips on staying creative
  • The nuts and bolts of Amy’s writing process
  • Amy’s tips on using video marketing
  • How to use story telling in your copywriting
  • What Amy watches on Netflix!
  • Amy’s hot tips for new copywriters

Listen to the podcast below

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