Getting your financials right from the start is vital to running a successful copywriting business. But there’s so much to get your head around, GST, Medicare levies, depreciation and what the heck you can claim.

In this episode we talk with Kate’s accountant Karen Goad and asking her all those finance and accountant questions you’ve been dying to ask. Karen is a small business owner and principal of Goad Accountants and Simply Business Bookkeeping. She specialises in helping business owners get to know their business better through up-to-date financial information for better decision making, accurate GST, CGT and income tax advice and education. Karen has over 18 years working in public practice with small business ranging from start-ups and sole traders to businesses with over $20million turnover.

In short, she seriously knows her stuff.

P.S. Here at Hot Copy we highly recommend hiring a professional accountant to manage your accounts and do your end of year tax.

Tune in to learn:

  • When you need to start paying GST
  • Ins and outs of superannuation
  • What’s the best way to set up your copywriting business, sole trader, Family Trust or PTY Ltd
  • Which tax incentives apply to copywriting start ups
  • What are depreciable assets
  • What deductions you can claim for
  • How to set profitablity targets

Listen to the podcast below

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A copywriter's guide to accounting and finances


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