“I discovered this podcast a couple of weeks back, and I’m really enjoying listening back through previous issues. Freelance copywriting can be a bit of a solitary lifestyle, and it’s really useful to hear how other writers out there make their businesses work. Thanks, Kate and Belinda, for all the great information :-)”


Freelance Copywriter

“Really enjoying the podcast – congrats on the launch and here’s to many more episodes Kate and Belinda.”
Darren Rowse


“Great discussion between two very talented copywriters, each with a different point of view on the topic. I enjoyed the podcast because I get to make up my own mind rather than being told what I should be doing.”

Anne Maybus

Copywriter, Clever Streak

“I’m currently working towards setting myself up as a freelance copywriter and was looking for a podcast which would provide some helpful tips, being a newbie ‘n all. Hot Copy does that and so much more! Belinda and Kate are the perfect duo – their tips are invaluable and the podcast is a joy to listen to. I’ve caught up with all the podcasts now, but know I’ll be dipping in and out of all them again lots in the future. I feel part of the copywriting ‘crew’ and it’s really giving me the confidence to go for it. Thanks both – please keep it up! Anna.”

Anna Hatty

“I do all my copy in Swedish, but still I have had enormous help from this podcast! Almost all episodes give me tips and insights that can be used in my work. So even if you don’t write in English, give this podcast a try. Seems like copywriting is an international language, and these girls speak it fluently. Keep up the good work!”


Swedish Copywriter

“As any copywriter knows, exposure to new and/or differing perspectives can be a gold mine. Hearing the thoughts of copywriters outside the US is very enlightening.”
Kurt Bouma

Found this podcast by chance and love the easy relaxed style, with lots of useful pointers. Thanks! Louise @SocialBeeNI

Louise Brogan

Marketing Consultant, Social Bee NI

“Really enjoying binging on these episodes, so helpful!”

Katie Matthews

“This is seriously my new favourite podcast! Belinda and Kate share awesome copywriting tips and resources – plus they both have a great sense of humour, which makes this really fun to listen to. Can’t wait for more episodes!”
Clinton Power

“Without doubt, one of my fave podcasts. I get loads of helpful tips and insights and I love listening to Kate and Belinda. Only criticism – I wish they recorded it more often 🙂 Keep up the great work ladies.”

“Have just listened to Number 8 on writing video scripts – a hot topic. Fab – very informative. What a great series! ”
Charlotte Calder


“This podcast is amazing. It has very in depth and intelligent discussion about the art of copy writing that make you see it in a whole new light. This Podcast has been great in that it’s not only inspired listeners to start writing again, but it also offers great tips and practical advice to writers of all skill levels. The host is also very easy to listen to and doesn’t drone on like some of the writing podcasts I’ve listened to. If you are looking to laugh, and learn something, I’ll recommend this one.”
Ronsley Vaz

We Are Podcast

“Cracking podcast. Full of energy and with the bonus of no typos, as it’s audio!”
Robert Gerrish

Flying Solo

“Outstanding quality podcast from two very talented ladies. Kate Toon and Belinda Weaver know their stuff and deliver it with style, sass and that all-important humour. (Love the outtakes at the end of each ep.) There is true gold in every podcast.”
Gemma King

The Wellness Editor

“I’ve learnt so much from Belinda and Kate, each episode is well worth the time taken to listen! If you’re starting out as a copywriter, or need to improve your copywriting confidence, this is the podcast for you!”
Sandy Taylor

“Kate and Belinda have a great rapport and bring different perspectives and approaches to the topic of copywriting and freelancing, which makes this podcast such as interesting one. They cover a diverse and genuinely relevant set of topics and the length of each episode is just right.”

“I’ve learnt so much from Belinda and Kate, each episode is well worth the time taken to listen! If you’re starting out as a copywriter, or need to improve your copywriting confidence, this is the podcast for you!”
Sandy Taylor

“Terrific collaboration between two copywriting dynamos. These Copy Queens know how to share incredibly helpful and insightful copywriting suggestions and life lessons. How great is it to think about copy even when you aren’t writing copy? Take them on your next road trip, while getting huffy puffy at your next marathon, sitting in on the kids swimming sports or while you are waiting at the dentist. Thanks for serving up Hot Copy Kate and Belinda.”
Andrea Rowe

Your Coastal Connection

“Terrific collaboration between two of my favourite copywriters. Great to have all the tips and tricks in such a fun, engaging conversation. Great work, Kate and Belinda!”
Trish Arnott


“As a business owner I often have to write copy for myself. Kate and Belinda make copywriting techniques interesting and fun to learn! Super accessible and a great listen – highly recommended.”
Weaver Beaver

“What do you get when you combine two of Australia’s premier copywriters’ minds? Sheer brilliance, that’s what. Belinda and Kate are an endless pot of information when it comes to copywriting and to have them both sharing their knowledge and expertiese is pure gold. The podcast is now, informative and so much fun, and reminds me why I love the craft so much. Thanks guys, you rock!”
Jodi Gibson

Making Words Count

“Great copywriting series so far. The hosts present very well although they sound like they’re having way too much fun – they’re certainly enthusiastic about the subject. As a newbie copywriter, it’s great hearing how the two hosts (as well as their guests) approach various aspects of the craft. There’s always a few takeaways that make me think – that’s different, I must try that. I’m Looking forward to many more episodes.”
Derek Etherton

“What a fantastic collaboration between two talented and successful copywriters. This is perfect for new and established copywriters – all those little insider tips that we don’t know about unless someone tells us. Can’t wait to hear more! ”
Melissa East


“I wish something like this had been around when I started out. Informative, interesting and fun, the two talkers Kate and Belinda have a way of making things easy to understand and enjoyable. Great tips and insider copywriting knowledge. Listen to this today!!”

“I’m learning to write copy and setting up my own copywriting business, I can see that this podcast is going to be essential listening. Great work from two of my copywriting idols.”

“Hot Copy combines practical advice with personality. With episodes of around 20 minutes, it’s perfect bus/train listening, or with a cup of tea when you need a break from finding the right words. I found the episode on finding clients particularly useful and reassuring – it’s great to hear that you CAN build a successful business without doing cold calling!”

Angela Denly

Writing and Communications Services

“Love the show, the the advice, tips and awesome copywriting knowhow. This is going to really help me get started in as a copywriter. Thank you!”

Newbie Writer

“Full of helpful tips and insights into great copywriting, the Hot Copy podcasts have become my little mentoring friend. When you’re starting your own business it can be daunting, lonely and cut off.”

Gemma Hawdon

The Write Time

“Hot Copy may be aimed specifically at copywriters, but there are lessons in here for every freelancer and micro/small business owner. You can’t afford to miss an episode!”

Bridie Jenner

Bridie's Typing Services

“Loving the great tips and advice Belinda and Kate dish out in this podcast. Especially loving the different approaches they have to a similar business. There are no right answers, just great ideas we can implement as appropriate to our businesses. Thanks gals  – Loren”

Loren Bartley


“Just found this. Love hearing two very successful copywriters with different approaches, learn from each other. There’s three podcasts I listen to religiously: Radiolab, Tim Ferris and now this.”

Matt Fenwick

True North Writing

“When I’m feeling blah and bored, I listen to Hot Copy for a kick up the woo-hoo. Even what may seem like boring admin stuff, like processes, has the potential to rev my writing engine. I get all warm and inspired to make my copywriting business the best it can be. If you’re in the business of writing, Hot Copy is a must. I want more!”

Jennifer Morton

Writer, Copywriter, Photographer

“I love this podcast. Never fails to give me practical usable tips to be a better writer. To be a better client manager. And have a laugh while I’m at it. Thanks Kate and Belinda. I really appreciate all you do for the copywriting community xx Jenny”

Jenny De Lacy

Writing Works Victoria

“Every episode hosts Belinda Weaver and Kate talk about the nuts and bolts of working as a copywriter. Much of the information shared focuses on freelancer writers but anyone working for themselves will find useful tips here. There much good humour, too”

Mac Pritchard


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