Attract nurture and convert your ideal customers

Facebook, some of us love it, some of us hate it. But there’s no denying it’s a powerful marketing tool, both for ourselves and our clients.

But one area that still bemuses many of us is the dark art of Facebook advertising. We know from experience that randomly boosting posts has very little impact!

So today we’ve invited my friend and business buddy Loren Bartley to talk all things Facebook advertising.

She’s going to give us the low down on how to create successful Facebook advertising campaigns that will deliver clicks and customers.

Tune in to learn:

  • The five key elements of a Facebook ad
  • The general structure of a Facebook ad including character limits
  • Whether it’s worth promoting your existing posts
  • Tips for writing Facebook ad headlines
  • Magic words that help drive more conversions
  • How to use graphics effectively
  • Questions from Becky Brown, Lisa Kneibe, Liz Green and Dean McKensie
  • Loren’s top tips and resources

Listen to the podcast below:

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About Loren

Loren Bartley is a social media strategist, speaker and consultant. She the Founder and CEO of digital marketing agency, Impactiv8, as well as being the co-host and producer of the top-rated podcast, #BusinessAddicts.

Loren’s superpower is creating Facebook Ads that attract, nurture and convert your ideal customers. She is on a personal mission to help remove the overwhelm, confusion and headaches that many businesses experience when it comes to Facebook Advertising by teaching you how to implement those strategies that work!

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